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I Built this nativity scene to capture the wonder and essence of Christmas and the birth place of baby Jesus for many years.

The Nativity scene tells the story of Jesus, born in a manger in the town of Bethlehem on Christmas day.

I use various materials for bulding my Christmas cribs but my favourite medium is Cork.

This particular Christmas creche nativity scene is made of that material.

The figures are usualy made of plastic and modified to suit whatever nativity scene I am trying to model.

I make use of natural materials as much as possible because that way the nativity scene looks more realistic.

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nativity scene

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christmas nativity

nativity set - filling the water trough close up

christmas nativity - filling the water trough

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nativity crech scene - the original figure before being modified

This is how the figure looked before being altered to represent the shepard on the left.
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